Welcome to the Entrepreneurs’ Organization brand portal. Here you’ll find all the guidance, materials and brand assets you need to embody EO’s brand!

We are EO. A community of entrepreneurs—leaders, founders, builders and changemakers—who are dedicated to moving the world forward by helping each other unlock their full potential. To accomplish this purpose, we are building a strong brand for the future through emphasized, consistent use of the core EO brand across all touchpoints. The guidelines provided in this microsite are designed to uphold the integrity of our logo and brand. (If you need a quick overview, download this one-page guide.)

Brand principles

It’s simple. Being consistent with EO’s look and feel will help establish brand visibility and scale brand awareness around the world.

  • Prioritize our logo always

    Do not treat it as an afterthought. Use the primary or stacked logo (which includes our full organization name alongside the mark) first. The “short logo” is to be used only after the primary EO logo has been introduced.

  • Treat our logo with respect

    Do not alter or modify it under any circumstance. Always use approved chapter logos. Do not place images within the “O” or use it to represent a circular form.

  • Our logo and name must appear on all materials

    Always use it with product/programme/event names. All names must be represented by a
    type treatment set in Averta font, and not by standalone icons. This applies to all internal and external materials.

  • Do not create new names for offerings (events, products, programmes) without support and collaboration from the Brand team.

    Learn more about our brand architecture here.