Content Submission Guidelines

In order to ensure timely and accurate updates to web content, please review the following guidelines.


Completeness – Providing all of the information required to make a change or update is essential to ensuring timely and accurate execution. If, for example, the MyEO events posted on a site include date, time, price, location, and sponsor name, all of this information should be provided for each additional event submission.

Another example, if you wish to change the text of a button from “Sign up for the waitlist” to “Register now” it would be important to remember to provide the new destination link and to specify changes to any other instances of “Sign up for the waitlist” on the site.


Image quality – Low resolution images do not display well on websites and limit design/layout options for a page. Please submit the highest resolution version of the chosen image that is available.

How to tell if an image might be too low resolution or poor quality:

  • If, when the image is open, it appears smaller than you would expect it to appear on the website, it is likely that it won’t display well on the website
  • If the image looks pixelated/fuzzy when opened, it is likely too low quality to be used
  • If the file size is smaller than 30kb, it’s possible that it’s low quality (logos/simple graphics are an exception)

Right to use – Please obtain permission for every image that is submitted with your content update. This is included speaker headshots, images from restaurants and hotels, etc. We can purchase images on your behalf from Shutterstock as needed.

Aspect ratio – The shape/proportions of an image may mean that it cannot be used on the website. For example, if the images already being used for the MyEO events on a site are a wider landscape format (fig.1), and a tall and narrow image is submitted for a new event (fig.2), the tall and narrow image will not work with the established format and cannot be used, even with editing.



Visual formatting – When submitting copy, keep in mind that the way it is formatted in the submitted document is the way that it will be formatted on the site.

Consistency – All submitted content should be consistent with formatting. For example, written dates should follow the 26 June 2019 format and so should be formatted accordingly in any submitted content.

Another example, if an agenda is using the 24 hour format (14:30) to denote time, all submitted updates should also be in 24 hour format.

Change tracking – When submitting requests to change part of a body of text or an agenda, please present the changes in a way that makes it easy to locate the segments that need to be updated. This is especially important when requesting changes for larger bodies of text.

For example:

Another example:


Permissions – If you are submitting files using a service like Dropbox or Google Drive, remember to provide permissions to access/download those files. Not doing so can delay an update. These services often have options to share files via an open link. Anyone with whom you share that link will be able to access the files, eliminating the need to grant access to an individual.